Friday, May 18, 2012

Awesome Reader of the Century of the week: "Chemist"

So it may come as no surprise that Google keeps track of incoming links for me -- I was stunned to use that link to backtrack to this comment by "Chemist" over at a post about the "college costs too much / whoa, student loans" meme at progressive political blog Balloon Juice:
Count yourself lucky to have a job. The job market for chemists at all degree levels is the worst it has been in at least 30 years ( Even Ph.D. students from top 5 institutions are having a rough go finding gainful employment. The reality is that STEM = TE. Math and science are perilously close to being dead-end fields in the US.
"Chemist", by linking this blog on a major political blog (by renowned internet provocateur Freddie de Boer, even!) and quoting one of the two or three original things that I've said on this blog, you are the Awesome Reader of the Century of the week! (Really, there have only been two so far.) 


  1. The last statement should read, "Really, there have only been two so far." 'Have' should be used in this case instead of 'has' since it is referring to something which is plural. More points for SAO?

  2. @Anon - I love where you're going with this, but really, I don't deserve it. (P.S. - Check's in the mail!)

  3. Unstable IsotopeMay 18, 2012 at 6:14 PM

    It wasn't me.


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