Friday, November 14, 2014

Fun card game, I'll bet

From Carney, J.M. "Retrosynthetic Rummy:
A Synthetic Organic Chemistry Card Game." [1]
Here's a fun idea for a card game: "Retrosynthetic Rummy" [1]:
ABSTRACT: A deck of cards and a card game have been developed in an effort to make practicing organic chemistry and synthesis more fun for students. 
The game is played as a variation of rummy, in which players collect sets of similar cards and runs of cards in a synthetic sequence. This card game reviews knowledge of functional groups and reaction types and requires an ability to place many organic transformations in an appropriate order to synthesize target molecules.
I'm waiting for Chemical Commodities Pit, though -- I'll corner the market on HPLC-grade acetonitrile every time.

1. Carney, J.M. "Retrosynthetic Rummy: A Synthetic Organic Chemistry Card Game." J. Chem. Ed. ASAP DOI: 10.1021/ed500657u


  1. Is this my cue to shamelessly plug Named Reaction Top Trumps?

  2. If the ACS was serious about promoting chemistry the might be expected to regularly produce content like this as mobile aps for Apple and android. With royalties split with the inventor of course. On the subject of aps, how many chemistry majors know how to develop an ap? In the late 70s, students crossed over between chemistry and programming/ digital electronics design all of the time. Abandoning this to the engineers was a strategic error,

  3. I am very grateful to read your blog!


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