Monday, November 10, 2014

NYC teen burned in rainbow demonstration suing for $27M

Paraphrasing Captain Spock, the rainbow demonstration is beginning to reside in the hands of the attorneys. From the New York Post: 
The family of a 16-year-old boy who was severely burned when a high school ​chemistry experiment went horribly haywire is suing the city for $27 million over his injuries. 
Parents Yvonne and Claudio Yanes say Beacon High School on W. 61st Street had received a video from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board warning that a procedure called the “Rainbow Experiment” posed “risk of severe injuries if performed.” 
But the school allegedly failed to distribute the video and when teacher Anna Poole performed the experiment on the morning of Jan. 2 she didn’t provide students with protective gear, the suit says. 
The Yanes’ son Alonzo got second and third-degree burns on his body, head, face, neck, torso and hands, according to court papers. 
He has permanent scarring and disfigurement, the suit says.
Between this and the Denver prosecution, I think the lawyers are moving faster than the chemists. You can only imagine the popularity of a "Calais' Law", not that I'm suggesting one (and nor is she, so far as I can tell.)

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