Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kazakhstan needs to catch up to the Western world

Via @fxcoudert, can you believe these people out on the steppes of Central Asia?!?:
Whitby has made progress in other areas: writing a PhD programme in materials science and engineering, which has recruited students, and developing a master’s course too. Yet without the necessary research tools, life is far from straightforward. ‘It’s a case of how do we deliver the research projects,’ he says. ‘They don’t even understand the concept of post-docs here,’ he adds. Instead students tend to enter industry straight after a master’s or PhD. ‘As an ex-pat faculty this is what we’re trying to overcome,’ he continues.
 For shame! They need to get themselves a STEM glut and fast! 


  1. For shame. They need to follow the US example.

  2. "In Soviet Kazakhstan, the postdoc's work is done by you! Heh heh heh...." -Tamerlane Smirnoffbaev

  3. Well, if Kazakhstan has open immigration like here in the US, then there Stem deficiency days are numbered.


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