Monday, March 27, 2017

This week's C&EN

A few of the stories from this week's C&EN:


  1. Re:chemist wages, I worked at a center, and the salaries are very low (20% below "industry standard" in the area). The institution exploits university affiliation and a hybrid culture between academia and industry as a justification for the low wages. I will say, however, that work-life balance is tremendous (work from home regularly), so to each his own

  2. "academic" "salaries up"

    No chance in hell.

  3. Academic research is corrupt, altogether. It's not just drug discovery. In fact, drug discovery is probably less of an issue than other areas. That's not to make light of it, I just think there are opportunities more readily capitalized upon for academics than medicines. The situation is becoming grotesque.

    It's a simple matter of morality, really. If one finds it perfectly acceptable to use other people and treat them as disposable, then the rise of academic research as a replacement for industrial research is inevitable. And by industrial research, I'm referring to the kind of hard applied science most people trained for when they entered graduate school. Obviously there will still be glorious opportunities doing fascinating work like formulations, or raw materials qualification.


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