Friday, April 6, 2018

Ask CJ: odd interview styles

From the inbox, a darn good question:
I have an interview coming up for a job with [redacted government research organization]. They have advised me that the interview will be for an hour, where in the first 15 minutes I'll be given the interview questions and time to prepare answers. Have you come across this style of interviewing before? Do you think it says anything about the type of questions to expect? 
I've never heard of such a style, although I do remember the campus interview I had with a top 50 chemical company where someone asked me what my proudest accomplishment of 6th grade was - I was given a few minutes to think on that one. (didn't help.)

Readers, what say you?   


  1. Admiral Hyman Rickover had some interesting techniques.

  2. If companies trust their hiring to ninnies in HR, they deserve the randos they get.

    (Just cross your fingers that you're the rando they pick, I guess.)


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