Friday, April 20, 2018

Nickel spatulas

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  1. My chemistry colleague did his postdoc on enzyme engineering (by using mutagenesis around the active site to improve turnover and selectivity) and he did quite a bit of protein crystallography along with this project. His conclusion was that the research misconduct in the protein crystallography was rampant and that some individuals engaged in stuffing the databases with outright faked data since there was no quality control.

    1. I haven't followed protein crystallography for a long time, but I understand that the PDB makes the diffraction dataset available. But if you fake that then there is truly no hope.

    2. If I remember correctly (I am not a crystallographer) it is faked best by using coordinates from an already solved structure + lots of imagination on a homologous protein. The serial offenders get caught by being more and more sloppy

    3. This makes sense. With crystallography papers, usually all there is is the data set coordinates,and some times structure factors (no westerns, no PCR, etc). Wanna bet that this is being done a lot in certain parts of the world where academics are awarded by the paper being submitted to a high citation index journal?


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