Friday, July 26, 2019

67% of 2008 B.S. science grads went to graduate school within 4 years?

"Who Goes to Graduate School and Who Succeeds?", Baum and Steele, The Urban Institute
This is a really fascinating table from a report by The Urban Institute. Can it be really true that 67% of students who graduated from the life and physical sciences from 2007-08 ended up in graduate school by 2012? If so, the most obvious explanation is that these were refugees of the Great Recession.

(Question: what was the baseline rate? Answer: I don't know.)

It would be really interesting to know if there was a concomitant increase in science Ph.D.s 5-7 years later...


  1. In my Chem E department, it was about 70% that went to grad school when we graduated in 2009. I believe the year before that it was 30%.

  2. Graduate school includes Medical School, as well as things like Masters in Public Health.

  3. Related/unrelated: I am leaving my postdoc today to begin a TT track job in the fall. Thank you Chemjobber for all your help!
    There are two things I do every morning when I get into the office: check my email and this blog!


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