Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Recommendations from former coworkers

Interesting article about DIY vaccine makers in the New York Times, with this beaut of a quote about one of the DIY scientists: 
...In the 1990s, Mr. Stine worked for Patrick Gray, a molecular biologist who contributed to the discovery of a hepatitis B vaccine and is now the chief executive of a biotech company. 
Dr. Gray said in an interview that the science Mr. Stine published at Icos, the biotech company where they worked together, was “sound” but that the young scientist had a penchant for making too much of too little. “Johnny was in a hurry to publish his work and advance his career,” he said. “We often insisted on more confirmation and more controls.”
 I probably wouldn't get any complimentary quotes from my former coworkers either...


  1. Lol. My boomer advisor also wrote something like that about me in a letter of rec. Maybe that's what old people consider mentorship.

  2. Being a perfectionist, I have quite the opposite problem!


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