Thursday, December 31, 2020

7 new positions at Organic Chemistry Jobs

Common Organic Chemistry is resolving some technical difficulties, but has ported over the list to Google Drive for now. There are 7 new positions for December 21.

Don't forget to check out the Common Organic Chemistry company list, a very helpful resource for organic chemists looking for potential employers.


  1. If helpful, then here's an incomplete report on the jobs listed on the Google Spreadsheet:
    IFF: "Sorry, this position has been filled."
    Eastman: "Sorry, this position has been filled."
    Position with Apple: completely disappeared, also from their HR Website.

    Also, the "Common Organic Chemistry company list" has been last updated on Oct. 13.

    There are many other job openings there which I have not examined.

    Not complaining, just reporting. Others can make their own decision as they see fit.

    1. Anonymous,

      Thanks for the feedback!

      The expired job postings were removed on Jan 12. I usually remove expired job postings about once a week, so typically only about 0-10% of the job postings on the spreadsheet will be expired at any given time. Over the holidays I took about 3 weeks off from working on the job spreadsheet so there were more expired jobs than usual (~30%).

      The website still has technical issues (virus, hack, etc.) which I am still trying to resolve. One of the issues this causes is that I can't access the website anymore to update the information, therefore since 13 Oct 2020 the Jobs List and Company List on the website have not been updated. However, the Google Spreadsheet is consistently updated with jobs and The Company Map (which contains the same information as the Company List, just in map form) is also consistently updated with companies. I'm able to update these two features since they exist outside of the website platform.

      I do want to point out that this website is just a hobby, it's not a full time job. The website is run solely by myself. I work full time as a chemist and typically spend 5-10 hours/week on the website. If I go on vacation or if I get super busy at work or other areas of my life then there will be time periods where I don't have time to update the website (usually only 1-3 weeks at a time).

      I also don't have paid ads on the website, just some Amazon links, so the website costs me about $50-$100 a month to run. So when technical issues come up with the website I try to resolve them myself or with the help of friends. I can't justify spending the money to have a professional fix a problem every time one comes up, which is why some of the technical problems with the website tend to last weeks or months.

      I'll do my best to fix the current website issues, but in the meantime please use the Google Spreadsheet to view jobs and the Company Map to view companies.

      If anybody out there has successfully used the Job List or Company List in their job search please let me know. Hearing personal stories helps me gauge what works and what doesn’t work. Any additional feedback or questions are also welcome. (

      Good luck to everybody out there navigating the chemistry job market.

  2. You're welcome to start your own Google Spreadsheet.

  3. Chemistry field is dying in the US. I see it every day. I hire oversee FTE at 7500$/month with bachelors that are dancing circle around American Ivy league PhDs who somehow think that adding alkyl-zinc to benzaldehyde for 7 years makes them experts at everything.

    Its on life support. Get out. If you persist, you will be wasting away your talent (if applicable) for the benefit of MBAs with oily hair. Somehow, the MBAs still manage to have some self-respect, whereas professional post-doc in their 40s will thank them profusely for a 90K$ job at 60 hours a week. I see it every day. Just sad. A brotherhood of losers.

    "Hi, I'm Dr John Smith, PhD. Can I have a small pepperoni and cheese?" How about you get in your Hyundai Accent and drive back to your 900 sq ft condo, and reflect on where it went so wrong for you.

    Stop looking at Chemistry jobs. Start thinking about how you can leverage your knowledge in a post big pharma world. There are gold mines to be exploited.


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