Monday, December 21, 2020

When will chemists get the vaccine?

The latest news from the CDC's advisory committee, via the New York Times
Striking a compromise between two high-risk population groups, a panel advising the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted Sunday to recommend that people age 75 and older be next in line to receive the coronavirus vaccine in the United States, along with about 30 million “frontline essential workers,” such as emergency responders, teachers and grocery store employees...

...A working group of the committee suggested that in addition to teachers, firefighters and police, “frontline essential workers” should include school support staff, day care employees, corrections personnel, public transit, grocery store and postal workers, and those in working in food production and manufacturing.

But the group’s formal recommendation is not that specific. The panel, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, emphasized that its recommendations were nonbinding and that every state should fine-tune them to serve the unique needs of its population.

Here's the CDC presentation. If they use the CISA definitions for manufacturing workers for critical infrastructure, that will cover a fair number of chemists under the "chemical" category. (including (theoretically) myself*, full disclosure.) Best wishes to all of us.  

*I would very much like to get the vaccine, but I'm happy to wait my turn. I'd rather my parents (older, healthy) get it before me. 

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  1. I would rather my vaccination number be given to me and I be able to sell to one of those people the internet says are offering 25K for it.


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