Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The Chemical Engineering Faculty Jobs List: 2 positions

The Chemical Engineering Faculty Jobs List has 2 positions. It is curated by Lilian Josephson (@lljosephson).

 This post will serve as the open thread for this year's search.


  1. The MIT position is a 2020 posting.

  2. Just added a position (actually two positions) for ChE at Drexel University. Research area is biotechnology. The official posting does not advertise a big benefit of the position, which is the opportunity to live in a large metro area with public transit and lots of ChE industry jobs for spouses, plus a very supportive and inclusive department culture. https://careers.drexel.edu/en-us/job/496659/tenuretrack-assistant-professor or reach out to me for more specific questions.

    1. Has anyone heard anything after Drexel's zoom interviews? Onsite invitations? Thanks

  3. Any updates for chemical engineering search so far? It seems like they are slow this year.

  4. Syracuse Functional Materials search is scheduling virtual interviews.

  5. University of Southern Mississippi is scheduling interviews


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