Friday, February 25, 2022

The impacts to chemistry of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Via FierceBiotech, the impact of the Russian invasion on global drug development:

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is likely to impact millions of people, not just in the Eastern European nation but around the world as drug developers might face delays in clinical trials conducted in Kyiv and elsewhere.

One biotech, in particular, called out the geopolitical tensions as possible cause for concern. Karuna Therapeutics warned today that timelines for its second phase 3 study in schizophrenia, dubbed EMERGENT-3, are uncertain because 10 of the 19 trial sites are in Ukraine. 

At the other end of the drug pipeline, this tweet from Ukraine-based chemistry services company Enamine: 

Today, Russia started a full-scale war against Ukraine. We believe in our soldiers and we stay strong. We have to postpone our services till Monday, February 28. We hope you take this short-term disruption with understanding.

I cannot imagine what kind of disruption is going on in Ukraine, and what kind of disruption the future holds. Best wishes to the people of Ukraine. 


  1. The biggest problem for a company like Enamine could be the western sanctions, once they are annexed by Russia. And of course the mail shipments of materials will not be on time. They won't be able to get stuff from Sigma-Aldrich and ship out their products to satisfy customers, now or under military occupation. The only sensible thing would be to emigrate en masse to EU country and set up a temporary labs there, to keep their existing customers, which are many, and are even more valuable than the internal expertise. To get a loan and set up a non-GMP facility -especially when using already established synthetic labs - they can probably get up and running in a matter of months

  2. There are Russian disinformation 'trolls' all over social media stating every border is closed and this is simply not true. Plenty of government sources are out there confirming some borders are open, including those to Poland.

    Best wishes to those in the area being immediately affected from this and I hope you can escape safely.

  3. Long-time Ukrainian reader here, currently in the States. Thank you, Chemjobber, for bringing attention to this topic. The next few days will be decisive for our future. I believe this conflict will end with Ukraine victorious.


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