Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Anyone got a dollar?

Via this week's Chemical and Engineering News (article by Rick Mullin): 
The drug services firm Evotec has acquired Central Glass Germany from the Japanese chemical maker Central Glass for 1 € (99 cents). The deal includes a facility in Halle/Westphalia, Germany, with a staff of 60 and “significant” reactor capacity, Evotec says. The plant will support clinical- and commercial-scale manufacturing of small- molecule drugs for Evotec customers. Evotec intends to make the facility its European center for active pharmaceutical ingredients for rare diseases.

That's a flamin' hot deal, so there must be some kind of problem with the plant? Or there is a plant to be named later?  


  1. A lot of deals like this include all of a facility’s debt along with the assets.

  2. API for "rare" disease...............PR ploy.
    what difference does it make where API are made??

    1. It might be that becuase it is for rare diseases a lot of API is not needed. Therefore, the facility might be a lot of smaller reactors and equipment, similar to a GMP pilot plant or GMP kilo lab arm of a larger manufacturer. The smaller scale focus could be the selling point. "We care about your small batches" DISCLAIMER: I haven't looked up the site and am just speculating.


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