Friday, January 27, 2023

C&EN: Dow 2022 earnings down 32%, cutting 2000 workers

Via C&EN's Alexander H. Tullo: 
Dow is launching a workforce reduction—2,000 workers, over 5% of its total workforce—as the company continues to grapple with economic turbulence, primarily in Europe.

Dow is the first major chemical company out of the gate with full-year 2022 financial results. Dow managed a 3.5% sales increase, but earnings declined by a sharp 32.5%.

On a Jan. 26 call with analysts, Dow CEO Jim Fitterling said the year began well, with strong demand across the company’s businesses. The picture changed in the second half. “Economic conditions deteriorated, driven by record inflation, rising interest rates, ongoing pandemic lockdowns in China, and continued geopolitical tensions,” he said.

Europe, where Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has driven up energy prices and caused many chemical producers to shut plants, was responsible for 60% of Dow’s earnings decline.

The layoffs are part of a Dow program, originally unveiled when Dow released third-quarter earnings in October, to save $1 billion in 2023. Half the savings will come from structural improvements, including the job cuts. Dow will also shut plants, particularly in Europe. It says it will announce the locations set for closure later this quarter. The company says that for now the program will focus on smaller facilities.

That's a pretty frightful decline in earnings! Best wishes to those affected, and best wishes to all of us.  


  1. I interviewed at Dow a few months ago. One of my interviewers had recently worked at one of my former workplaces, and he lied to my face and told me he hadn't discussed me with any of our mutual acquaintances. I knew he was lying because a good friend of mine had not only discussed me with him and put in a good word, but also knew for a fact that at least one other ex-coworker had discussed my candidacy with this person as well.

    I got a quick rejection a few days after the interview. The experience gave me a negative impression of Dow. I can understand if they thought someone else was a better fit for the position, but knowing during the interview that the guy was lying to my face was a bad feeling.

  2. Didn't Dow have really nice growth during the first two years of COVID? I'm sure this drop probably put them into pre-COVID numbers but I don't see the rationale for having to cut 2k jobs unless they have hired 2000 people since COVID...


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