Tuesday, January 17, 2023

RUMINT: Hearing rumors of a Pfizer reorganization?

There have been the initial rumblings of a Pfizer reorganization, in terms of comments about Pfizer's decision to "externalize" some of its rare disease research and some vague comments from Pfizer's CEO about the importance of the organization's next 18 months. 

A reliable source indicates that some layoffs have begun at one site on the research side, and possibly more on the way. 

This is sad news. Unfortunately, a reality of Pfizer is that there has long been a pattern of regular reorganizations and waves of layoffs, and it's ~2019-2022 that has been the abnormal time. If true, I suppose the leadership is reverting to the mean. 

Best wishes to those impacted, best wishes to the larger Pfizer organization as a whole, and to all of us.


  1. I work more on the manufacturing side of Pfizer but my site and organization/group was assured that we are not impacted despite being on a MASSIVE hiring spree for the last 2 years. I genuinely don't believe the story we are being told but as you and Derek Lowe have discussed, widespread layoffs usually lead to a decrease in morale and general efficiency, so I understand the need to be quiet about potential layoffs. We have a lot of programs in the pipeline near the submission gate so that is the only comfort I have, and I think the next 12 months will be a huge testament to our site in whether we succeed with our current staffing level or shrink.

  2. Pfizer hasn’t eaten another company in a while. I’m surprised they haven’t run out of people to lay off.


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