Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Coming: The 2023 Chemistry Job Scramble

Andrew Spaeth and I will be putting together a job market scramble to open on the week of March 7 for registration of employers and job seekers. This is an attempt to create a "thick" market for both job candidates and potential employers, especially those who did not get a faculty position this year. The basic contours: 

  • Registration will open for one week, starting February 27, 2023. It will close on 11:59 PM Eastern, March 6, 2022. We will register both potential employers and job candidates.
  • Potential employers will be required to post a position with an intent to hire before September 30, 2023. 
  • Job seekers will have to attest that they have not accepted a position with another employer. 
  • On March 7, job seekers will be offered access to the list of potential positions. They will not be offered access to the list of job seekers. 
  • On March 7, potential employers will be offered the list of job seekers. They will not be offered access to the list of potential employers. 
  • There will be no matching by Andrew or I - simply the provision of potential openings or candidates. 
  • Access to the list will be revoked after 2 weeks. 
  • This year, there will be an opportunity for a "signal" for job seekers; job seekers will be allowed one opportunity to send a short message (140 characters) to a single employer. 

Questions? Ask them in the comments, or email us at chemjobber@gmail.com.  

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