Friday, February 10, 2023

University of Delaware resolves explosive chemical situation

Via the Newark Post: 
An incident in a University of Delaware laboratory prompted the evacuation of several campus buildings Wednesday afternoon.

The incident began around 12:30 p.m. at Lammot Dupont Lab, which is located on the UD Green east of Memorial Hall and houses the chemistry, biochemistry and marine sciences departments.

UD spokesman Peter Bothum said emergency officials responded to an "isolated hazardous materials situation related to an experiment" at the lab. Researchers inadvertently produced a small amount of a shock-sensitive explosive chemical.

Here's video of the bomb squad doing its thing. Here's a comment on Reddit; hard to know its accuracy, but it is at least plausible: 

A graduate student accidently made 20g of TATP (highly explosive) so they're evacuating the green to do a controlled explosion of it.

I imagine that someone was working with 30-35% hydrogen peroxide and inadvertently added some acid and acetone. Happy to hear that the situation was resolved without any injuries. 

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