Friday, March 31, 2023

We're not in charge either

In this week's C&EN, this comment from the chair of the Society Committee on Publications, Christopher K. Ober: 
The Society Committee on Publications (SCOP) has several tasks, but foremost is its role to review and assess the editorial quality and content of the ACS publication program. The membership of SCOP reflects the broad makeup of ACS in all its diversity. Each year, one member is appointed by the ACS president, another by the chair of the ACS Board of Directors, and any additional members are appointed jointly using advice from the Committee on Committees. The chair of SCOP also serves as the chair of the C&EN Editorial Board. SCOP membership serves to connect society members, users of ACS publications, and ACS governing bodies. A term for SCOP membership is 3 years and each member is permitted up to two consecutive 3-year terms.
In the midst of this essay, this grimly amusing comment: 
While the SCOP chair serves as the chair of the C&EN Editorial Board, and the C&EN editor in chief provides a report for each SCOP meeting, the committee has no formal role in advising C&EN. SCOP received news of the recent change in editorial leadership at C&EN at the same time as ACS membership. SCOP looks forward to news on what the changes will mean to C&EN and its ongoing success.

Makes you wonder - is ACS executive leadership unaccountable to ACS governance when it wants to be? (You don't have to wonder.)  

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  1. We all know ACS is not really a professional society anymore....just a commercial publishing house ala Elsevier.


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