Monday, October 18, 2010

Pipette bulbs

Small, useful links:

- Milkshake is looking for a new position. Dude(tte), hire him.
- What the heck is this weird looking glassware?
- Check out Leigh Boerner's article on top chemistry companies to work for. (Link not working right now - Fixed!)


  1. FYI, the link to Leigh's article actually leads to Susan Ainsworth's article on alternative careers.

    Sidenote: While looking over Milkshake's post I remembered a conversation I had this week with some co-workers. In some countries it is customary to not only provide your age and marital status with your resume, but a photo as well.

  2. " top chemistry companies to work for"...assuming that you have the connections to get a position there. Assuming that these companies chose to recruit at your university. Leigh's comments are starting to sound like the C&E News industrial cheerleading.

  3. A5:21a: Did you read the article? McCormick's Spices doesn't really seem to be the most selective or connection-need company in the world, dude. We're not talking Merck here, ya know.

  4. @Chemjobber: Right on! Not all chemists HAVE to enter Pharma. Mass consumption products are never out of fashion! Some have argued that modern-day Pharma companies were much stronger when they had mass consumption products (e.g., cleaners and cosmetics) to fall back on during tough economic times or bad luck during clinical trials.


  5. Um, yeah there are indeed openings at Smuckers and McCormick's - but you have to have extensive experience in Food Sciences, alas.

  6. There's no reason for Leigh to be a cheerleader, the higher ups do a perfectly good job on their own.

    Rudy Baum says the chemical industry is "in pretty good shape":

    And according to Madeleine Jacobs, well over 80% of ACS members are satisfied or very satisfied with the ACS (this article is amusingly titled "Listening To Our Members"):

  7. Well. Baum refused to publish my letter to the editor in which I asked what the ACS presidential candidates were doing to address the discrepancy between numbers of PhDs being cranked out, and the hordes of unemployed PhDs. So it's now on the ACS LinkedIn site.


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