Friday, February 3, 2012

Unemployment rate at 8.3%, broader measure at 15.1%

Credit: Calculated Risk blog
Fresh electrons from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

In January, the unemployment rate fell 0.2% to 8.3%. The broader U6 measure of unemployment fell 0.1% to 15.1%.

Total nonfarm payroll went up by 243,000 jobs -- that's good news, too.

Thanks, as always, to Calculated Risk for the blog. 


  1. I hope this trend continues. The bad news out of Europe keeps me worried as does the Iran saber-rattling.

  2. One interesting observation, at least to me: each recession since 1981 (Reagan's first year as prez)(and all have begun under Republican administrations) has set a new record for length of time to recovery. I'm sure there are a lot of perfectly reasonable economic explanations for this, but I prefer political ones. Why do people so consistently vote against their own interests? If it were altruism coming through, I could understand it, but it's not.


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