Monday, November 5, 2012

ACS resources for unemployed chemists

Looks like there's going to be an online job club for unemployed chemists, run by ACS, on Tuesdays at 2 PM Eastern.

Click on the link for other ACS resources towards finding a job (I guess Chemjobber doesn't merit a mention -- sigh.) 


  1. Let me contribute - it's the best job title ever:

  2. Heh. The first rule of job club is you do NOT talk about job club. My guess is ACS will compile a database of members and send it out to companies to add to their "unemployable" lists.

    1. Dear Anonymous, the notion that we would "send out to companies" a database containing proprietary information on our members is preposterous! Although we at ACS enjoy long and productive relationship with the chemical industry, we are not a charity.

  3. CJ, you tell too much truth to get mentioned. Start blowing fake sunshine up everyone's ass and say that the employment situation for scientists isn't that bad. I bet you'll get a ringing endorsement!

  4. CJ ... Mentioning you means that they've been behind the curve (gross underestimation) on this one. Unfortunately, won't happen. The comment on one of your other posts today citing "4 years of bad news being dropped all at once" is really accurate for what is going on here. It's all too wrenching.