Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Personal finance moment

If you're into personal finance and thinking about retirement, here's a link to a pamphlet (PDF) that I find to be a pretty good summation of close to what I believe, personal finance-wise.

I'm gonna rebalance next year, yeah, that's the ticket! 

(I like this notecard as well.) 


  1. The note card is okay, but just stop using credit cards. My wife and I a bit more Dave Ramsey than this guy. If I personally don't have the cash to buy it in my accounts, then I don't buy it.

    Also, "promote social insurance programs?" Seriously, don't we have enough social insurance right now (Welfare, social security, etc). How about saving up 6 months of an emergency fund? Yeah, it will take time, but with my first "real" job, I used my sign on bonus to set it up and have yet to touch it even with two job changes in the interim. It just take discipline.

    1. I agree with the crux of your post. People should be willing to sacrifice a little now to make your future better.

      But it's important not to pigeonhole people as irresponsible/undisciplined if they don't have a lot of savings. You obviously made sacrifices to get where you are, and that's commendable. But your situation is unique from everyone else's and they didn't all get there by being undisciplined. Some of them did, sure. But not all.

    2. Credit cards are great if you pay them off each month. Especially if they are reward cards. BOA is at least 1% on all purchases and store cards like Target are 5%. If you pay them off they are like free money. Plus it builds credit to get better rates on purchasing a home, car...

  2. biotechtoreadorMay 8, 2014 at 3:29 PM

    "Like John C. Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, whom he admires, Mr. Bernstein views Wall Street as a largely parasitic enterprise that flourishes at the expense of ordinary investors"

    Now that's just not nice. It's entirely true, but not nice to say.


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