Wednesday, June 4, 2014

J.-C. Bradley Memorial Symposium being set up in the UK

Antony Williams (a.ka. ChemConnector) is setting up a symposium to honor the memory of the recently-passed Jean-Claude Bradley:
We admit that things are moving very quickly at present because of the short time until the meeting but we believe that the Open Science field, in particular, is fast-moving, flexible and more than willing to assemble to honor JC and discuss Open Science. The day-long meeting is on Monday July 14th and registration has just opened up so please do sign up to attend. A symposium page has been set up here by Andy on the InMemoriamJCB wiki and this will be updated regularly as we get the list of speakers squared away. 
If you are interested in contributing a talk please contact me offline at tony27587ATgmailDOTcom. We are presently assembling titles and abstracts and will start listing them shortly. We are working on this in our off hours (early mornings and evenings) so please bear with us through the crunch of bringing this gathering together.
Click here for more details. 

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