Monday, June 16, 2014

This week's C&EN

This has got to be one of the best covers
of the year, btw. Very creative.
Lots and lots of interesting tidbits in this week's C&EN:
  • Really interesting cover story on efforts towards antibiotics in the pharmaceutical industry by Lisa Jarvis. 
    • I didn't realize the role that regulatory hurdles were playing -- dunno if that's pharma working the refs, though. 
    • What's been brought to my attention, though, is the difficulty in finding patients to perform clinical trials on -- I wonder if it's especially difficult for bacterial infections. 
  • This gold nanoparticle-based liposuction idea is truly bizarre/awesome (by Lauren Wolf.) 
  • An article by Alex Scott on the meeting of chemical industry representatives and environmental NGOs. The declarative statement by the Halliburton counsel ("asserted that “there has never been, not once,” a case against a fracking company that has succeeded in a court of law") is rather disturbing and evocative of the tobacco industry. 
  • BASF representative: "“We’re in quite the hunt for talent, and we need to make sure that the people who are strong in the STEM disciplines are very attracted to BASF,” she says." (article by Alex Tullo)


  1. My guess wrt clinical trials is that most bacterial infections are acute and treated relatively quickly by GPs - to get people onto trials you need to know exactly what bug they have and the diagnosing doctor has to know that the trial is going on and be able to enroll patients fast enough to not compromise treatment...

  2. Running outta ammo? Perhaps shutting down bullet factories and turning workers into Colonel Belmont's was not that swell an idea after all.