Thursday, July 10, 2014

Daily Pump Trap: 7/10/14 edition

Some of the recent job postings at C&EN Jobs: 

Hmmmm: I think we're in the summer doldrums, though I can't be sure. Not too many positions over the past week or so.

Knoxville, TN: An ad from Nature's Gifts International to work for, well, check it out:
Lead ground-breaking research on products that benefit both People and the Environment, while working beside the creator of the most advanced vegetable waxes in the world! 
We’re looking for a Products Chemist to conduct catalytic reactions with vegetable based lipids for the development of waxes. You will be expected to learn and perform routine analyses such as GCMS, melt point, needle penetration and flexibility determinations as well as make test candles and cosmetic products. The position will also require some work with customers and vendors.
Sounds... interesting. B.S. chemist with 3+ years experience desired.

Milton, DE: Looks like Dogfish Head Brewery is hiring a quality technician. B.S. desired, and an exclamation point filled job description:
The scope of your work will be both routine and original. You must have a superb understanding of chemical, biochemical and microbiologic reactions that affect beer quality, fermentation, flavor, and beer stability; this and more will make our hearts flutter! You must be a collaborative team player with your fellow co-workers to effectively exchange information upward, downward and laterally. You’ll be handling other great projects to initiate and improve procedures for our quality practices while doing lots of other fun stuff too! You’ll get all this done while working in a safe and efficient manner. Do you have what it takes to land this cool new lab gig? If so, we are on the edge of our seats waiting to hear from you!
Santa Rosa, CA: Thermochem wishes to hire a B.S./M.S./Ph.D. LC-MS chemist. 5+ years experience desired. 

Brevard, NC: PharmAgra is looking for synthetic chemists of all stripes again; wonder what causes these semi-periodic ads from them?

ACS San Fran Career Fair Watch: 7 positions for the ACS SF Career Fair, 4 for the Virtual Career Fair.

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