Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Daily Pump Trap: 7/15/14 edition

A few of the industrial positions posted on C&EN Jobs:

Newark, DE: Invista is looking for a senior R&D organic chemist with 5+ years experience. Pretty attractive looking position, if I do say so myself.

Orange, TX: Invista is also looking for a Ph.D. inorganic/organometallic chemist to work as a research chemist. "INVISTA has a continued commitment to leadership in many catalyst areas by utilizing advantaged technology with an emphasis in the area of hydrocyanation, hydrogenation and oxidation catalysis of small molecules that have value in the marketplace." Huh, interesting.

Greensboro, NC: Syngenta is looking for a Ph.D. analytical chemist to work in crop protection; 70-90k offered for a position where 2-5 years experience are desired. Seems a touch low?

Ahhh, sales: Love this line from this Magritek ad for a sales manager: "Are you a rock star salesperson who wants to work with the one of the most innovative scientific instrumentation companies in the world?"

(I met a sales person recently who seems to be quite successful in their chosen field -- their personalities are like night-and-day to me.)

China Lake, CA: The Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division has 3 open postdoctoral positions, starting at 56k. Nice salary, for sure, but you're gonna be buying juuuuust a bit of gas. 

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