Friday, July 25, 2014

"It's a miracle"

Management lessons from Bull Durham. Have a great weekend! 


  1. ha, i was a bat boy in that movie for a month and a half. lots of really fun times as a 8 yr old surrounded by ball players

    1. Sir, might we press you for an anecdote?

    2. i will say that the camaraderie that is depicted in the film was real and not forced, including costner and robbins. They fit right in with the baseball players and quickly became 'one of them.' these guys hadn't peaked in their professional careers (as actors or ball payers - all minor league players, not actors playing ballplayers) yet and were very involved with everything. i spent alot of time on the sitting on the shoulders of robbins, costner, and alot of ballplayer's when not actually filming. they made me very comfortable, took me under their wing and included me in alot of the shenanigans they pulled. we would play pickup games on the field in between takes and lots of games of pepper. at the end costner and a crew of ballplayers presented me with a baseball bat signed by everyone (cast and crew) and one of the bats Kevin used in the film. needless to say, going back to school after that experience was tough! it all happened because my mom made small talk with the the producer in a burger king, unbeknownst to her who she was talking to. lots of really good memories and an awfully big scrapbook.

  2. PI: There are 15 of you in here. How many papers have we published in the last year, postdoc?
    Postdoc: 1.
    PI: 1. How did we ever publish one?
    Postdoc: It's a miracle!
    PI: It's a miracle.

  3. The Aqueous LayerJuly 25, 2014 at 6:51 PM

    If you believe your reactions are working because you're getting laid, or because you're not getting laid, or because you wear women's underwear, then they *are*! And you should know that!

  4. Chemistry is a simple science! You synthesize the compound, you purify the compound, you characterize the compound!