Wednesday, May 23, 2018

"Bad Blood" quote of the day

I'm reading John Carreyrou's "Bad Blood" - it's awfully good. The last quote I highlighted: 
One of the assistants kept track of when employees arrived and when they left so that Elizabeth knew exactly how many hours everyone put in. To entice people into working longer days, she had dinner catered every evening. The food often didn't arrive until eight or eight thirty, which meant that the earliest you got out of the office was ten. 
That's diabolical. 


  1. Depends where she gets the food from. Chef Chu's (a great Chinese place in Los Altos): not diabolical, nice idea. Taco Bell: the height of treachery.

  2. If that isn't a sign of a bad work environment, I don't know what is (both the level of focus on hours, and the incentive structuring).

  3. And this is from someone who likely knew that what she was claiming her company was doing couldn't be done. It's one thing to work your employees like rented mules when you are trying to get to a common goal, but it seems like a whole 'nother level of evil to work them when you know that you can't do what you're leading them to do (and that they will get thrown under the bus when it becomes clear). It makes it hard for anyone to care about their jobs after working in something like this.

    On the other hand, Ms. Holmes ought to be a very desirable candidate in a variety of management and human resources positions. Either she has a natural talent for harnessing evil or she has had very good teachers (who also ought to be in demand), and there seem to be plenty of places for which that is a very lucrative skill.

  4. So far, I'm torn between Sunny firing the biologist who insisted on instituting proper lab safety protocols, or Sunny fucking up the symbol for potassium on the periodic table. Spoiled for choice. These motherfuckers deserve hard jail time.