Wednesday, May 9, 2018

This week's C&EN

A few of the articles from this week's issue of Chemical and Engineering News:



  2. The "How to fit in when you’re in a new environment" article was interesting. Struggling with the transition from a small PUI to a big university got me started off on the wrong foot in grad school. In hindsight, having some early bad experiences led me to start seeing everything different about my new environment through a lens of negativity - "This town sucks, nothing but frat houses and puddles of puke on the sidewalk."

    Even in the working world, every company seems to have a different culture. It's very easy to make an unintentional faux pas when I've become accustomed to one company's unwritten rules about clothing, language, punctuality, etc, then go to a new employer and find that everything I know is wrong.