Friday, May 4, 2018

Temperature probes

A list of small, useful things (links):
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  1. I've never really understood the puritanical approach to text duplications in manuscripts. Is someone really supposed to work in an area for years and never duplicate any of the introduction section text where they describe the importance of their work?

  2. the Furka/Kit Lam argument is re-hash of what I heard when working at a combichem company co-founded by Kit Lam, in early 90s. Blending beads of resin is an effective technique how to randomize a peptide sequence, better than using a blend of aminoacid for coupling (because of different coupling rates) but apparently Furka did not realize that this approach resulted in individual beads acted as quantum of discreet (even if random) peptide sequence. Whereas Kit Lam did and advanced it as the main idea behind the combichem. Unfortunately this combichem based on one bead one compound screening turned out unworkable and our company quietly abandoned this platform in favor of much smaller collections of purified individual compounds made by traditional chemistry, even if done in parallel and on solid phase. But even there it required carefully chosen kind of compounds: The revolution did not take place, all major pharma companies burned vast resources on combichem

  3. What a nice surprise! It was so kind of you to share my little post. Big thanks also for maintaining your blog, which contains plenty of interesting links and posts. It's a great resource for everyone connecting chemists not only with the job market but also among themselves... Have a nice day, gloria