Friday, July 13, 2018

Are you having more difficulty in sourcing chemicals?

"Finally, we have found the Lost City of Acrolein!"
This was an interesting comment by Dan Singleton at Texas A&M about the difficulty of sourcing basic organic chemicals. (Recently, he had difficulty in ordering acrolein, which is a bit of a surprise.)

Here's a comment about the difficulty in sourcing lithium powder (isn't there a Collum prep about how to make lithium powder? Does Rieke sell that? Either way, I'd rather buy that than make it.)

I haven't noticed too much difficulty in ordering compounds these days (at least in the 100 gram range.) Now tons of compound? I think it's always hard.

What's been your experience with finding lab-scale quantities of typical organic chemicals? 


  1. Usually comes down to economies of scale. Some of my proudest achievements in the lab were finding economical ways to access the material I needed. Try doing research in an isolated island nation.

  2. My company uses acrolein by the 55 gallon drum; I've never once heard of ordering delays for this process at our daily scheduling meeting.

  3. ACS grade methanol at the beginning of the year, and ACS grade ethyl acetate recently...