Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Postdoctoral fellowship: Hunter Group, Rowland Institute, Harvard

From the inbox, a postdoc at Harvard:
The Hunter Lab at The Rowland Institute at Harvard is now accepting applications for a
Postdoctoral Fellow position starting Fall-Winter 2018/2019. 
The Hunter Group will focus on developing molecules and materials for sustainable large-scale industrial processes, such as solar-driven seawater splitting, electrochemical nitrogen fixation and CO2 reduction, and selective hydrocarbon oxidation. The position will involve computational screening, synthesis, and characterization of molecular and heterogeneous catalysts. Candidates with expertise in all related areas of inorganic and materials chemistry are encouraged to apply. In particular, candidates should address their knowledge of and/or willingness to learn the following desired skills:
  • Laser spectroscopy (broadly defined)
  • Applied electrochemistry (both heterogeneous and homogeneous)
  • Reactor design and engineering
  • Characterization of materials (e.g. XRD, XPS, and related spectroscopies)
  • Characterization of molecules (e.g. GC, MS, UV-vis-NIR-IR)
  • Air-free techniques (glove box, standard Schlenk maneuvers)
  • Synthesis and characterization of geological materials
  • Familiarity with computer programming and/or data mining
The candidate will benefit from the experience of building a new lab, close contact with the PI (Dr. Bryan Hunter), and the interdisciplinary environment fostered at the Rowland Institute at Harvard and Harvard University. 
Applications will be considered beginning September 1, 2018, with full consideration given to applications until the position is filled. 
Contact information and full ad here. Online ad here. Best wishes to those interested. 

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