Wednesday, July 11, 2018

It's good to be Andy

Long-time Chemjobber bugaboo Andrew Liveris (and retired Dow CEO) had a few perks (article by Alex Tullo):
Dow Chemical will pay the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission $1.75 million for failing to report $3.0 million in perks to former CEO Andrew N. Liveris, who retired on July 1. Among the benefits, SEC says, were travel to outside board meetings, sporting events, and personal activities; club memberships; and a board membership fee for a charity. SEC says Dow didn’t have the right system in place for sorting out and reporting such expenses.
There's a software package I'd like to expense with my employer, maybe I could sneak a few Padres tickets in there too....


  1. Aren't they giving out Free Padres Tickets this year after another disappointing season

  2. With a record of 40-59, are Padres tickets really a perk?