Friday, March 13, 2009

Meet the new poll, not the same as the old poll

So the old (and first!) poll was up for a while. Not that it's a surprise, but most people think the job market for chemists is either awful (40%) or the worst ever (36%). I put in that last option with some level of hesitation, because well, "worst ever" is kind of ahistorical and without context. That being said, it's pretty darn bad. 

It would be great to get an historical perspective on what Hillarycare did for the chemistry job market -- anyone care to offer one? 

Suffice it to say that the whole reason for this blog to exist is that the job market ain't so great. Let's think hope, folks. When will the job market recover? I will offer the ahistorical "Never", although again I hesitate.  

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