Sunday, March 15, 2009

Now < then

Derek Lowe (doubtlessly the Blogfather of the chem/pharmablogger set -- certainly for this one!) graciously commented replied to my e-mail as to "whether you thought that the current drought is better, as bad or worse than 1993-1994." His kind reply is as follows:

"I think it's probably worse now, although it's a high bar to clear. The difference is that there aren't a lot of new jobs (although arguably around the same as there were during that period), but the layoffs are far worse today. So the job seekers now seem to be at a high in my experience - we've never had a year or two like the last two since I've been in the industry. So yeah, I'd vote for "worst ever", and I probably made the switch sometime in the middle of last year or so."

Holy cow. So maybe the choice of "worst ever" wasn't so ahistorical after all. 

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