Saturday, March 14, 2009

Working Chemist ACS Web Index: 3/8-3/14/09

This is the seventh post of Chemjobber's Working Chemist ACS Web Index. It is a measurement of how many jobs posted on the ACS Careers website are aimed at the bench-level chemist. Definitions/caveats at the end of the post.

Going through the 43 positions listed from March 8th through March 14, there are 17 new positions posted that are available to the working chemist. There are 11 connected to the pharmaceutical industry and 5 outside of pharma.

A healthy week for the WCWI -- a nice mix of pharma and non-pharma jobs. Pharma hiring is definitely picking up, which is good news for all of us. Let's hope it continues. 

Definitions/caveats: This index is primarily for chemists (at all educational levels) who have been working for less than 10 years and are still 'at the bench.' It counts only jobs that are lab-oriented and primarily non-managerial; obvious senior-level titles such as "Group Leader", "Research Fellow" or "Director" will not be counted. Academic jobs (professor positions at any level, any Ph.D.-level lecturer position, postdocs) are also not counted. Academic technician or staff positions are counted on a case-by-case basis. Engineering positions are not counted, unless they are open to chemistry degree holders as well. Jobs outside the US are not counted.

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