Friday, September 11, 2009

Daily (?) Pump Trap: 9/11/09 edition

Good morning! Since September 1, there have been 191 new jobs posted to the ACS Careers jobs database. Of those, 49 are from our friends at Kelly Scientific Resources.

Do you want to be a professor?: There have been 77 faculty positions posted in the last 11 or so days. That's remarkable -- I imagine it's also going to be a healthy sign for the academic recruiting issue of C&EN. Good luck, postdocs.

For the rest of us: Bugs, polymers and fuel cells -- that's what Lawrence Berkeley Labs is looking for in a Ph.D. chemist staff scientist. If electrochemistry is your field, this may be a job for you.

That's an interesting combination: Sandia National Labs is looking for a B.S. chemist to help with computer modeling in biofuels and neurosciences. I'm guessing those are the folks who are funding the position? "Hyperspectral Imaging" -- sounds very Star Trek, doesn't it?

Inorganic chemist wanted, real science wanted?: Blacklight Power (home of the "hydrino") is looking for a Ph.D. inorganic chemist. I'm pretty skeptical of their science, but they're hiring, I guess.

Must love college basketball: If you're a B.S. analytical chemist with 6 years of experience (or a M.S. with 2) in HPLC analysis, there's a job in North Carolina for you with Targacept.

Kelly Time!: Are you a chemist? Do you love doing chemistry? The geniuses at Kelly Scientific Research want to know if you can be a "psychometrician rater", a pharmacist or a entry level microbiologist. Sounds like a good fit for me!

While I won't get off my KSR hobbyhorse anytime soon (considering they make up 26% of the take from ACS Careers), I have noticed that their postings are becoming more relevant as of late.

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