Saturday, September 12, 2009

Department of Awful Statistics: tough times at Harvard, too

How's this for a bit of depressing news? You can find the recruiting schedule for Harvard's Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology here. Handily, they have the recruiting schedule for the last 3 years, too.

I tabulated the schedules here* and came up with this little graph you see above. That's the ugly truth, folks. If they ain't hiring folks outta Harvard, they're not hiring anywhere. Let's see where we get in 2010 -- remember, unemployment is a lagging indicator.

*I know this isn't by any means scientific. Also, I didn't count companies that were visiting, but only gave a presentation and did not interview. I suspect the 2006 stats are less detailed (i.e. there may have been companies that presented, but did not interview.)

UPDATE: A commenter notes that the 2009 schedule ended with 12 companies visiting; still, that's less than 2008. (Man, I wish that weren't the case.)


  1. At the website I count 13 companies (although AZ held no individual interviews). I guess 5 companies were added after your compilation. Still, visits don't guarantee jobs.

  2. A5:38:
    You're right! They added BI, Conoco Phillips, Milliken and Hybrid Silica.

    I didn't count AZ (as I previously noted), 'cause they weren't interviewing.

    Still, 12 is less than 2008's 21 recruiters.


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