Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chemjobber C&EN Index: 8/24/09

Industrial positions (non-academic, non-governmental):
Total number of ads: 0
- Postdocs: 0
- Permanent positions: 0
- Ratio of US/non-US: 0/0
Area: 0
Week to week trend: Flat as a pancake.

Governmental positions (US, international):
Total number of ads: 1
- Postdocs: 4
- Permanent positions: 4
- Ratio of US/non-US: 8/0
Area: 473
Week to week trend: Up, big.

Academic positions:
Total number of ads: 25
- Postdocs: 0
- Tenure-track faculty: 42+
- Temporary faculty: 0
- Lecturer positions: 0
- Staff positions: 0
- Ratio of US/non-US positions: 23/19
- Area (square cm): 1207
Week to week trend: Up, big.

Not a good week to be looking for an industry job: De nada.

But if you're looking for a faculty position: There's 42 new positions posted this week, including the University of Miyazaki's ten assistant professor positions. Good Lord, that's a lot of professorships. Best of luck, folks. (That Wikipedia entry explains it -- they've been a chartered university for 5 years. Nothing like getting in on the ground floor!)

Small college of the week: The University of Southern Maine (Portland, ME, student population: 10,974 - SA-LUTE!) is looking for a tenure-track assistant professor in biochemistry. Like lobster? This position might be for you!


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