Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily Pump Trap: 12/17/09 edition

Good morning! There are 73 new positions up on the ACS Careers website; of those, 15 (21%) are from academia and 47 (64%) are from our friends at Kelly Scientific Resources.

Better than it sounds: MEMC is looking for a "cleaning scientist". Bad titling, I think -- they're really looking for a M.S. surface chemist for developing new cleaning technologies.

A worthy challenge: Materia (the Grubbs' catalyst people) is looking for a market development head. Sounds like fun, and a chance to make a lot of money. Good luck.

Finding the peaks: Waters is looking for a PhD chemist to work on new products for separation science; sol-gel and materials experience is highly desired.

Kelly Time!: Not much objectionable, but still: why would you look for a microbiologist, a food tech or someone with a degree in nursing?

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