Sunday, December 6, 2009

New poll!

What will 2010 be like in terms of chemist employment? I think we can pretty safely say that 2008 wasn't so great and 2009 stunk.

Answer in the new poll on the left! (and in the comments, if so desired.) Your bold predictions will be saved for internet posterity!


  1. There are really no signs that new hiring is going to occur. Many pharma companies are looking to lay off more workers till 2012. The rules seem to be the same as 2008. Out with the old, expensive workers. In with cheaper entry level talent. There will be openings, but the net result is going to be another negative year. Pharma is restructuring and preparing for a long period of outsourced talent. Just hope the savings are reinvested here.

  2. I think we're witnessing remaking of the labor market. Lost jobs won't come back, just like IT jobs didn't.

  3. I'm voting no, although things will begin to gravitade back toward the average.


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