Friday, December 4, 2009

Daily Pump Trap: 12/3/09 edition

Evenin', folks! From November 28 until December 3, there have been 33 new jobs posted on the ACS Careers database. Of these positions, 12 (36%) are academically related and none are from our buddies at Kelly Scientific Resources.

Hmph: WuXi makes a push for experienced group leader level positions. Good luck to the unemployed soon-to-be sea turtles out there. Genentech's fishing for young Ph.D. bench med chemist resumes again.

The happiest place on Earth: Disney is looking for a B.S. chemist for water testing in its (duh) Florida water parks. SCUBA certification and the ability to drive a forklift are desired. (No, not kidding.)

Think ink: Quad/Graphics is looking for a B.S.-level chemist with lots of experience with ink R&D. This is one of those niche fields that I know nothing about, but it sounds interesting.

And so well-defended, too!: The US Mint's West Point, NY division is looking for a chemist to analyze metals for coinage. Dude, I can't figure out what educational level they want -- when will the US government realize that their ads are unreadable?

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  1. Almost everything that comes from the government is unreadable these days. I think they do that so they can hire whom they want to (usually inside) and there's no way to sue them cause you can't understand what they did wrong.


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