Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Daily Pump Trap: 12/4/12 edition

Good morning! Between November 29 and December 3, there were 80 new positions posted on C&EN Jobs. Of these, 17 (21%) are academically connected and 51 (64%) are from Kelly Scientific Resources.

Philadelphia, PA: Heyyyyyy! How many chemists get to work for Delta Airlines? So a while back, Delta Airlines bought an oil refinery. And now, they're looking for a rotating-shift QC chemist:
This is a highly compensated entry level position requiring the individual to work on a rotating 12-hour shift that includes weekends and holidays. The Shift Chemist analyzes organic and inorganic compounds to determine chemical and physical properties utilizing such techniques as classic wet bench chemistry, chromatography, spectroscopy, spectrophotometry, and various physical property analytical techniques. This information is used in process control and for the certification of finished products.
0-5 years experience needed in a refinery/chemical plant area. Fascinating.

Kingsport, TN: BAE Systems is looking for a Ph.D. organic/organometallic chemist (or a B.S. chemist with 10+ years experience) with 5 years of energetic materials experience.

Plainview, NY: Certified Laboratories is looking for a M.S. analytical chemist to be an instrumentation manager with 10+ years experience in food safety. 

Birmingham, AL: Southern Research Institute is looking for a senior medicinal chemist with the experience/ability to garner grant funds.

Rockford, IL: A confidential rubber/tire company is looking for a QC manager; 45-55k desired.

Manchester, UK: Nanoco Technologies is doing thin film solar-oriented research; they're looking for, among others, synthetic and materials chemists. 


  1. So -- 1 out of 6 chemistry jobs posted are in pharma; that's an interesting number!

    1. No, I wouldn't draw that conclusion. I profile the ones that I think are of interest to readers or noteworthy; it's not meant to be a statistical representation.

    2. In any case, I think it is encouraging. Hoards of chemists are being released from pharma worldwide, and many of them see no options. But here they are - black on white - lots of alternatives!


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