Thursday, December 20, 2012

Podcast: Matt Hartings, See Arr Oh and Chemjobber talk ACS exec salaries

As promised, we're posting our little podcast about ACS executive salaries, our thoughts on "whither the ACS?" and our summary of our entire conversation:

See Arr Oh has so helpfully given us timepoints, and he and I have added our editorial comments:

0:03 - Intro - ACS Executive Compensation (note: the conclusion is at 27 minutes, not 35.)
0:37 - Meet the Crew, and Our First Blunder (only 37 seconds in! Sheesh...)
1:45 - They make what!?!
4:02 - What's the point of the ACS?
5:50 - ACS executive bonuses: "More than my base salary"
6:26 - Executive-Think
10:20 - What are these bonuses based on?
13:30 - Show Me The Data!
15:50 - Shouldn't the mid-career professional be a core mission of the ACS?
18:45 - Do Local Sections care?
20:14 - College Library Systems v. ACS Publications (a.k.a. the SUNY-Potsdam story)
22:58 - Where do CJ's dues go?
27:00-29:00 - Closing thoughts
29:14 - Bonus outtake


  1. I think most ACS members - and most Councilors - feel powerless about being able to do anything meaningful about excessively high ACS salaries. I know that as an ACS Councilor I spoke up about the very high salaries of some ACS staffers and was slapped donw in front of about 500 people for my trouble.

  2. The Chemists Club is beginning to put students on their board and open student chapters, doing a much better job of outreach to students than ACS is. It's small and slow-going, but much appreciated.

  3. @CJ: Did you have to tackle Winter Storm Draco? Counting down to the "Mayan Doomsday". In case I don't hear from you tomorrow, it's been nice reading your blog ;)

  4. I fail to see the problem with ACS executive compensation, as it is in line with most fortune 500 companies, and necessary to attract "top" talent to these highly-skilled positions. ACS members should just eat cake instead of worrying about complex issues they do not understand.

    1. Note to people: this is most definitely not Madeleine Jacobs, but is most likely satire.

    2. Get your own ideas.


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