Saturday, March 8, 2014

Are you in the energy industry?

From Susan Ainsworth and Linda Wang, reporters at C&EN who would like to make a video about chemists in the energy industry at the Dallas ACS meeting:
I am trying to locate several chemists, chemical engineers, or biochemists who have recently landed jobs in the energy industry, and will be attending the Dallas ACS meeting. We plan to ask each person to describe his or her job and how they found it.

I am also looking to videotape an “expert” at the meeting—someone who can speak in general terms about the hiring environment for chemists and chemical engineers in the energy field.

We plan to use the video to augment a print/online story about job opportunities in energy; this will likely run sometime in June or July.
Interested? Contact Susan at S_Ainsworth -at- acs/dot/org  


  1. The ACS seems to think chemical engineers are in the same cohort as chemists, how delightfully delusional.

  2. I was thinking something similar when reading this... somehow I think it's going to be almost all ChemEs if they're looking for who's landed jobs. Based on about a year of combing job postings, the energy industry seems to consider chemists a low second tier.

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