Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's the story with Phenomenex?

Can anyone talk (in the comments, or by e-mail) about what kind of company Phenomenex is to work for, and why they keep posting the same 3-4 positions ("organic surface chemist", etc.)?


  1. What I (and perhaps everyone) know is that they make chromatography columns. A brief look at their website seems to say that they do make other separation tools, too. Perhaps, they need surface chemists for the column packing material.

    My personal experience with Phenomenex dated a few years back in college. We had a course in chiral chromatography, and they made a learning software for that. It contained animations alongside explanation texts, making chromatography easily understandable. Not only chiral chromatography, but almost all kinds of chromatography. It was a nice piece of program.

    1. By "everyone", I mean "many". Sorry.

  2. I also used the chiral software many years ago and my team found it useful as well. Now they have a chem draw program on their web site that you draw the chiral (or achiral) strucuture and it will offer the correct HPLC/ SFC column. It saves me a lot of developement time.


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