Monday, March 31, 2014

Not how you want organic chemists to be in the news

Some unfortunate stories: 

This story of a young organic chemist in the UK who committed suicide is sad; sympathies to her parents and friends. 

This story of a medicinal chemist whose Ph.D. has been revoked is quite interesting; don't know all the details yet. 


  1. RIP. If your will to take life is greater than living, nothing can stop! Sadly, we have seen this happen too many times.

  2. The first story makes me so sad. So unnecessary, what a waste. That second story - I'd love to know more about what is going on here, very unusual.

  3. It is my understanding from my friends that Professor from Austin is very meticulous, upfront and thorough. That this happened followed by retraction of Organic Letters (OL) paper is indeed, a big surprise. In many ways things come back to haunt you in a way we do not understand (call it Karma!). Brings back some bitter stories from the past. Some 15+ years back the professor from Austin went head on and confronted another one from Buckeye state publicly that the later has pilfered an idea that was first proposed by the former in one of those grant application. It took an acrimonious tone that the professor from Buckeye suffered ignominy on otherwise stellar career and was barred from submitting any proposal for next few years. Not the same but I am sure that the spotlight for the wrong reasons is not good.


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