Saturday, September 27, 2014

Help CJ with his Act of Whimsy/Pain for #GeekGirlCon

For my Geek Girl Con Act of Whimsy, I need the number of inaccurate or misleading statements in the following Food Babe videos. If you can help, please listen to just 1 of the 5 following videos and count how many false or misleading things she says. Err on the generous side, if possible.

Chemicals in beer!

The Silly Putty video

The one on cellulose

Subway azodicarbonimide video

The Mac and Cheese video

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  1. Well your first link (Subway) actually links to a request to sign a petition to get beer manufacturers to post a list of ingredients on their website. I counted 7 inaccurate or misleading statements.

    1. and the actual Subway video has 14 inaccurate or misleading statements by my count

    2. But together they make a blackjack.

  2. Yikes. I would help you but I think it will be too painful/infuriating for me to see those videos

  3. In Mac and Cheese, I counted 8 misleading statements (basically all statements...)

  4. The only reason Subway is healthy is because they make a hoagie with about 3 slices of lunchmeat and a pound of lettuce - it's more about keeping raw material costs down than health. You can get a better hoagie just about anywhere else.

  5. The main difference between Kraft Mac and Cheese and asphalt is that asphalt is good for road surfacing in most places but Kraft Mac and Cheese is used for road surfacing only in the Land of Oz.

  6. In Silly Putty:

    “Silly putty and fast food French fries have a lot in common.” Really? I disagree.
    [PDMS is] “… used in caulks and sealants and filler such as breast implants.” True, but what is meant by the statement that breast implants are fillers? Seems like she may be confused over the definition of filler.
    PDMS… “is the key ingredient in silly putty” and “the same chemical used to prevent fryer oil from foaming.” The type of PDMS in silly putty is not the same type used in food-grade antifoam formulations, but they do have the same repeat unit.
    [PDMS is] “in McDonald’s French fries, chicken McNuggets, and their new Fish McBites.” Probably true to some extent because it carries over from the fry oil, but very little is likely present, due to other chemicals present in the breading that are specifically there to stop oil from penetrating the fried food. 
    “Thanks FDA for allowing silly putty in our French fries.” Nope. FDA allows food-grade antifoams in fry oil, but not Silly Putty.

  7. So does she say these things out of ignorance or lie on purpose?

  8. Foodbabe in a nutshell: This thing has atoms. This other thing has atoms similarly arranged. Therefore they are the same and have identical properties. And your food has CHEMICALS in it!

  9. Damn she is hot in that french fry video. I think she is very intelligent and lies on purpose; she is building a media empire and making lots of money from the idiots who listen to her advice.

    Beautiful and smart, sigh... J'amore


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