Tuesday, September 9, 2014

In practice, though, we might not.

I'd love to know what translation error led to this little booboo. I presume it's "as a principle". 


  1. I'd like to read from a native Dutch speaker, but my guess is that it's a mistranslation for "het beginsel": "at the begginning" or "to start with" (...something along that line).

  2. I'm Dutch, and I have to acknowledge Chemjobbers suspicions about a possible translation error here, partly given the fact you'd be hard pressed to find any Dutch company offering permanent contracts from the get-go these days. The Dutch "In het beginsel" means as much as "as a basic rule" (Dutch alternatives: stelregel, uitgangspunt) but it has the possibility of there being certain conditions to it "baked in", meaning it depends on certain things not immediately mentioned in the job description above. You probably have to read this as "they are *willing* to offer permanent contracts", given certain conditions are met.

  3. Nice tidbit here: I was looking at the contactpage of this company; http://www.syngaschem.com/contact, which states: "Do not hesitate to contact Prof. Niemantsverdriet using info@syngaschem.com " Well, Prof. "Niemantsverdriet" practically translates to Prof. Nobody's sorrow in English.


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